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Lucy is a bright and lively painter who loves the world around her.
The countryside, seascapes, landscapes, sunsets and sunrises are so beautiful. LucyD finds that she connects with the surroundings spiritually, saying, ‘seeing and experiencing this scenery like being at one with the earth” needless to say, this is her inspiration for her paintings.

What kind of artist are you?

I am a landscape contemporary impressionist painter who likes to dabble in expressionism and the abstract from time to time. I love to paint from weird jaunty angles and use colours that are playful and dynamic. So it would seem that experience I gained from photography, working for Athena and playing with stage lighting has helped style my artwork.
There is so much to see and do in the great outdoors, and all I hope to do is portray the love I have for it within my paintings.

what inspires your Art?

My love of life inspires my art. I am a spiritual individual, who follows the solstices and loves to be with mother nature.
I can not help but be inspired but the great outdoors. It has such colour, texture and diversity. I love it all.
Many of my paintings leave out man-made objects that (in my opinion) blite the landscape. However, I do understand that buildings and man’s interference, have shaped the landscape. Some places are not recognisable if it was not for the man-made structures which make them endearing to people.

where does your art come from?

My art comes from the feelings I have inside. I always start with a photograph. It will be a photo I have taken of a scene that has inspired me. I will try and capture the essence of the scene for whatever I have seen at the time, texture, colour, mood and how it has made me feel. I’ll try to frame the image right. I might try to exaggerate or compress perspective to create what I can see in the scene.
Then ill get back to the studio and look at the image. Decide what size canvas I’m going to use, and then start painting. I’ll not copy the photo but use it for inspiration and reference.
I paint fast, trying not to think about what I’m painting, letting the image form from my inner self and letting the feeling I had on the day explode on the canvas.

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