Capturing Life’s Poetry

Beauty is all around us and my lens captures it

My Story

Lucy Dawlish began her journey back int he 80s with a relentless passion for finding beauty in the ordinary, guided by her unique perspective influenced by Autism. Which healed lead her to have her to served a diverse clientele, unveiling extraordinary stories hidden in the simplicity of everyday moments.

Lucy Dawlish is a visionary in the realm of street photography, known for capturing the poetic beauty in the collision of humanity and urban landscapes.

Lucy sees her photography as Capturing Life’s Poetry Through Street and Urban Landscape Photography. Embracing the beauty of everyday moments, I uncover the artistic essence in the collision of humanity and urban landscapes. Through my lens, I paint a vibrant canvas of the world’s colors, frozen in time. Guided by my unique perspective influenced by Autism, my rapid-fire mind finds beauty in the unlikeliest places. Every click captures a story waiting to be told, revealing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Join me on a visual journey where every corner holds the promise of a remarkable shot.

Lucys Values

Guided by passion and authenticity, they shape every aspect of my work.


I believe in capturing raw, unfiltered moments that reflect the true essence of life, embracing imperfections and uniqueness.


My work is painted with the vibrant colors of creativity, pushing boundaries to transform ordinary into extraordinary through my lens.


Each click is a heartfelt connection with my subject, unraveling their stories, and translating emotions into timeless images.

Join the Journey

Become a part of our visual storytelling community. Explore and share the beauty of everyday moments.

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