Exhibition – Newcastle

Exhibition Newcastle Library

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Newcastle library 9th June 2022 5pm

I am excited about this exhibition, it’s been two years in the planning, well postponed due to covid. But finally, it is all organised for the 9th June 2022 and there’s only a month to go.

A very dear friend Mark Iveson, author of Cursed Horror Stars and Vincent Price the British Connection said “Lucy I’m having a book launch and it would be amazing if you would show your work too” needless to say I said that would be awesome and the planning started.

Mark had already decided he wanted a Wine reception and that was perfectly fine with me, I do like my wine and I thought it would be good to have whilst people are looking at my art too. Anyways we discussed things further and we thought of having a little Q&A session too. Firstly with Mark and Me just an informal discussion on the stage and then open it up to the floor. Mark has been writing for several years, but I at this point had only been painting for a few months and we both thought people would be interested in who we both got to where we are today.

We approach the Newcastle Library, which is quite a prestigious venue for both book launches and exhibitions, and after a little discussion with Toni their events curator she said we would love to have you here. We were both very excited and went to the oub to celebrate.

So we had a plan, but no promotional materials. So I stepped up to the mark and produced the Flyer, talks went back and forth between Mark, Myself and Toni and finally the flyers were born.

After a few more discussions with Newcastle Library the even went live on the Eventbright page, so come join Mark and I for a nice casual evening and envelope yourself in a world of art and culture for an evening for Free

To find out more about Mark Iveson visit his Facebook page.

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