100% natural beauty and wellbeing products for Body Mind and Spirit

Apothecary of natural living
Natural Care for your body, mind and soul.
We make salves, balms and scrubs which are all 100% natural, just as mother nature intended.

person holding green vegetables

Here at Harketae Green, we believe that mother nature has supplied us with the ingredients needed for everyone to lead a healthy and full life which each and every one of us deserves.

Our natural handmade products have no artificial colours, preservatives or chemicals that can be detrimental to our health. This is so important as it means we have to detox less as these harmful chemicals get stored in our bodies and can lead to other difficulties later on in life.

This is a new journey for HarKeTae Green and new products will be added frequently.
Please join us on our journey and fill in the form below, so we can let you know about, new products and news about our development.

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Harketae Green is part of the LucyD Studio whilst under developement and employ the same privacy policy as th LucyD Studio

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