Northern Shores collection at the LucyD Studio

This collection of paintings will be my interpretation of the Shorelines of the area. Perhaps telling a story and showing how much affection LucyD has for the area, and why she fell in love with the North East shorelines.
The North East shoreline is one of the unknown and hidden gems in the UK, and I hope, through my paintings, to show the beauty, the ruggedness and its vastness of the coastline.
Its unspoilt soft sandy beaches are a wonder to behold, with the dunes that go on for miles.
In other areas, the cliff edges stand high above the sea. These give us fantastic vistas of the North Sea and were once Victorian vacation hot spots.
Not only did the Victorians have their fun, but they also found fuel in the way of coal.
Sea coal was collected on the shores, and land mines stretch out to sea. Whilst the collieries have all but gone, they left their mark on the shorelines. Tainting the geology with the distinctive colours of the mining giving an unnatural and unworldly colour to the shorelines.

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