Sea & Sand at Seahouses

Sea & Sand at Seahouses

Sea and Sand Seahouses

Acrylic on Canvas - Landscape £185

Size - 100cm x 50cm x 3cm

Artist/Designer - Lucy Dawlish (LucyD)

Materials - Wood Framed Stretched Canvas : Liquitex Heavy Body Paints : Golden Soft Body Medium Isolation layer : Liquitex Satin Varnish

Signed bottom left corner in "LucyD 2020" in red


Seahouses is such a busy place usually, but when I saw the load man sat on his own with no-one around, I just knew I had topping it. I was just like this, with space under the umbrella for someone. Who I did not know, but it did get me wondering. I wanted to portray the vast expanse of the sea and sand, and the loneliness and isolation. I also wanted to keep things simple to let people wonder whats happening in the scene. Flowing people to relate and translate the painting to their own lives

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