City Dystopia

City Dystopia



I loved lockdown, there was little traffic, the sounds of the birds were beautiful, and the air seemed to be cleaner. I've always loved landscapes and the great outdoors and during the lockdown, the environment seemed (in my mind) to go back to how it was always supposed to be. For me, there is a real difficulty juggling modern life with towns and cities. They are forever encroaching on our beautiful landscapes, powerlines are everywhere, and you can't see a beautiful landscape without a wind farm popping up in it. Most of my landscapes leave out all the blite we have inflicted on our landscapes. However, My latest piece "City Dystopia" embraces it and expresses my thoughts and feelings about the Juxtaposition I (we) stand in between our cities and our landscapes.

Acrylic on Convas £475
Size - m - 100cm x 80cm x 1.5cm
Artist/Designer - Lucy Dawlish (LucyD)
Materials - Wooden framed streatched canvas - Liquitex Heavy Body Paints : Golden Isolation Layer : Liquitex Satin Varnish

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